Technology We introduce core technologies and service features of Soft BEMS.

Remote energy diagnostics market and technology trends

1) Comparison between traditional and remote energy audits

Remote energy audit, unlike traditional on-site audit, is to analyze energy savings potential of buildings and suggest ways to increase energy efficiency based on 15-minute interval consumption data.

In the United States, thanks to the powerful energy saving incentive policies of Department of Energy (DoE), remote energy audit market is fast growing with collaboration of private utilities and technology development companies followed by the technology validation projects for recent years.

Traditional energy audits with on-site visit and measurement using test instruments produce results which differ from experience of technicians. But remote energy audit produces stable and accurate audit results. Also, while traditional energy audit requires much cost and time and can In particular, this remote audit solution is very useful when it comes to identifying buildings with high savings potential

* Source: PECI Webinar

Some remote energy audit companies have been listed at New York Stock Market and some who have grown fast thanks to huge domestic market are entering foreign countries such as Japan and China , where energy is consumed very heavily.
In Korea, the government is participating in CO2 reduction as part of national and international environmental movement. Also collaborative programs among industries, academies, and research institutes are in progress in order to resolve energy imbalance of supply & demand, manage peak demand, and create jobs for professional and technical personnel.

In the United States, REA based on energy big data analytics has been already replacing the traditional on-site energy audits and is used as a useful means to identify buildings with high savings potential.

The well-known leaders in REA industries in the U.S. are FirstFuel Software and Retroficiency. Firstfuel and Retroficiency were selected as a promising company by Fortune magazine and Forbes, respectively. And Retroficiency has begun Building Genome Project in Feb., 2014 which investigates energy savings potential on 30,000 buildings in New York.

Soft BEMS is a professional expert group armed with long-time experiences in energy savings project. This remote energy audit solution is highly sophisticated, embedded with a proprietary algorithm based on Korea

Unlike the U.S, we do not have detailed public database and benchmarking data on buildings in Korea. While demand management programs is not active yet, Soft BEMS is a truly world class technology company with its own proprietary technologies.

2) Service comparison between Soft BEMS and other remote energy audit companies

Comparison items Soft BEMS Remote building diagnotics
Service targets Individual buildings, multiple buildings, public organizations Regional energy companies (Utilities)
Service purposes Energy savings for individual, multiple buildings, and
searching buildings with high energy savings potential
Searching buildings with top energy-saving potential
for savings program of utilities
Information used - Electricity consumption data in every 15-minutes
- Weather information
- Electricity consumption data in 15-minute intervals - Weather information - GIS information - Public building asset database - Semantic Search
Energy sources of analysis Electricity
(including gas, if necessary)
Electricity, gas, heat
(provided by energy companies)
End-use Split Electric heating & cooling, lights and plus, and base load
(automatic disaggregation by its own algorithm)
Electric heating, cooling, plugs, lights, pumps,
air conditioning, and others
(as estimated based on the logical occupancy estimation
- average difference of 7% from actual consumption)
Real-time monitoring Provision of every 15-minute, real-time monitoring
and base line
Not available
End-use Split Commercial buildings, data centers, schools,
department stores, hotels, hospitals,
large discount stores, apartment complexes
(In case of using a single electricity meter
in apartment complexes Soft BEMS service
is available.)
It is similar to Soft BEMS,
but it can
Interviews, on-site visits No need Mostly needed