Technology We introduce core technologies and service features of Soft BEMS.

Comparison between Soft BEMS and BEMS

Comparison items Soft BEMS General BEMS
Energy sources Electricity Electricity , gas, heat
Monitored energy
(compared to total energy consumption)
Approximately 80-100% 100%
Required Equipment No - Temperature/humidity sensor
- Measurement equipment for HVAC, heating & cooling
- Operation and environmental instrumentation
- Various sensors required for the operation
Required costs - No installation costs
- Minimum level of service charges
- Various hardware and software implementation cost
- Equipment and operating personnel costs
- Cost increases in proportion to the area of the building
- (10 million KRW to over hundred of millions)
Installation time 1 hour to 1 day - Hardware implementation period
- Software implementation period
Continuous reduction activities Support Difficult to find additional problems