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Soft BEMS also presents,
economical alternatives to regional large-scale energy savings program.

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  1. 01. We research and analyze the energy savings potential of
    large buildings in a particular area using Soft BEMS solution
    and classify the buildings with largest savings potential
    (Low Cost, Large Scale)
  2. 02. We provide the primary on-line diagnosis using Soft BEMS pattern analysis technologies. If the landlord agrees to participate in energy-saving program, detailed on-site diagnosis follows. The landlord of building readily agrees to the proposal as it is based upon the real result of detailed diagnosis. Such on-site diagnosis can be available in shorter time and at lower cost.
  3. 03. According to the energy diagnosis, energy savings actions can be taken, ranging from operational improvement which can be applied immediately to replacement to high-efficiency equipment.
  4. 04. Web services of Soft BEMS enables you to monitor the result of energy saving activities in real time and support the activities on continued base.