Service You will see key service of Soft BEMS.

The 15-minute interval data of building energy consumption contains abundant information.
Soft BEMS provides you with advanced remote monitoring service without any hardware and software installed.

[ Soft BEMS unique big data platform ]


  1. 1 Soft BEMS
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  2. 2 Usage Agreement of KEPCO electricity consumption data
  3. 3 Input of building address, use,
    area information
  4. 4 Energy sources
    of heating &

Soft BEMS unique analysis algorithms
of energy big data

Information collection of
15-minute interval data of
consumption for the recent 1 year.
Calculation of consumption by end-use

1) Heating & cooling
2) Lighting, Plug
3) Base load

Collection of
weather information
for the recent 1 year
Calculation of building characteristic factors

Unique building characteristic factors
including location, direction, exterior,
insulation, windows, equipment,
heat capacity etc.

Web services engine

  • Real-time usage prediction
  • Usage pattern analysis
    by end-use and day
  • Various benchmark tests

Real-time web services of
building energy management

  • Analysis report on
    consumption patterns
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Performance query
    by period
  • Ranking Information
  • Benchmarking
  • Comprehensive
    monthly report
  • Multiple Building
  • Customized service for multiple buildings
  1. 01.

    Soft BEMS service is the top-notch of convergence technology.

    Without on-site visit to the building, Soft BEMS analyze big data, such as electricity consumption data and weather information. Then using its own algorithms, Soft BEMS service provides current consumption, consumption forecast, and savings potential in real time. This is truly innovative, converged technology with the combination of information and communication technologies and analytic technologies of energy
  2. 02.

    You can’t manage what you can’t measure!

    Its unique energy analysis technology of Soft BEMS calculates electricity consumption of entire building by end-use without any measurement equipment.
  3. 03.

    The real-time monitoring and benchmarking are the most useful management tools.

    Soft BEMS provides the weather-reflected baseline which is the first and only service in the nation. Energy efficiency and savings potential are calculated by comparison with other buildings (or buildings under the same management group) with same use and similar floor area.
  4. 04.

    We predict the energy consumption of the building according to the weather changes by calculating building characteristic factors

    You must consider the change of energy consumption caused by weather change for efficient energy management. Big data analysis technology of Soft BEMS calculates each building
  5. 05.

    The consumption pattern analysis guides direction of energy savings.

    We find out the problems of facilities operation and equipment efficiency by analyzing usage patterns by end-use and day, and provides an efficient recommendation of energy reduction.