Service You will see key service of Soft BEMS.

Soft BEMS web service is
a navigator to improve energy efficiency.

  1. 01 We provide you with an efficient and economic tool to manage energy demand and energy savings,
    based on analytic technology of big data.
  2. 02 This is a very useful tool to find out problems of energy efficiency of the subject building and find out
    a building with highest savings potential.

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Information collection and
analysis of energy big data
by Soft BEMS.

web service

The first step to save building energy is
to find out where and how much energy is used. But it is difficult to spend initial capital without any information on how much energy
will be saved.

Like blood test to discover any diseases in out body, Soft BEMS service using only historic energy consumption data of your building
enables you to calculate consumption by cooling & heating, light & plug, and base load and to give you savings potential, and
finally guide you on how to save.