Service You will see key service of Soft BEMS.

Soft BEMS is, online building energy doctor which supports improving activities of energy efficiency continuously.
Unlike one-time consumption measurement or energy diagnosis, it helps find out problems on continued base and improve efficiency.

Cycle of
energy savings


Consumption measurement
measurement by end-use

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Prediction
    (consumption by end-use)
  • Periodic information
    (confirming savings)

Problem finding

  • Peak management
  • Compared to baseline consumption
  • Benchmarking
  • Usage pattern analysis
  • management for multiple buildings

Savings and
economic evaluation

  • Monthly Report
  • Online detailed Diagnostics
  • Precise on-site diagnosis
    (at customer request)

Energy saving

  • On-site training
  • Operation training
  • Energy-saving investment
  • Precise on-site diagnosis
    (at customer request)
  • ESCO investment
    (at customer request)

check / assessment

The main menu of the Soft BEMS web services

Real-time monitoring We provide real-time baseline consumption data on which weather information is reflected. Weather-reflected baseline is automatically calculated from the first prediction line. The difference between real-time consumption and baseline consumption is actual energy savings or over-consumption.

Forecast Every 15-minute consumption forecast is provided by heating & cooling, light/plug, and base load, 365 days. The sum of each consumption forecast forms daily primary the first forecast line.

Performance query
by period
You can view the energy savings and the savings amount for any period of time.

"Electricity consumption of entire building is dissected into end-uses using Soft BEMS unique end-use load disaggregation technology. Energy-saving potential of consumption of entire building by end-use is produced by comparing with the buildings (same building uses and similar-sized multiple buildings).

Multiple Building
For customers who need to manage multiple buildings, Soft BEMS provides a powerful management tool. You can efficiently allocate the limited budget by finding a building with the highest energy savings. Ranking information among the multiple buildings brings about competition of energy savings. You can easily manage current consumption status of entire buildings, peak demand, and energy savings.

monthly report
About 13-15 pages of the monthly report have detailed information about monthly performance, energy efficiency-related issues, and improvement potential, which includes Soft BEMS unique consumption pattern analysis by end-use and day.