Soft BEMS contributes to improvement of energy efficiency using analytic technology of energy information.


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The energy conservation, which is called the 5th energy as well, is the best and economic solution to energy shortage. Also energy conservation is environmentally-friendly and does not need construction of new power plants and energy imports.

In the United States and EU, about 70% of the total national electricity consumption is made by buildings. In Korea, the proportion of the building sector electricity
consumption is approximately 45%, of which the trend is increasing every year.
The number of commercial and office buildings with over 3000㎡
among 6.8M buildings nationwide is approximately 23,000.
If 10% of consumption is reduced in the large buildings,
3,344 GWh is saved per year which is converted to the amount
of about 2 trillion won. This equals to significant portion of the cost of
nuclear power plant construction and disposal.

Soft BEMS provides practical methods for large-scale, low-cost, energy savings for buildings. First of all, consumption measurement by end-use is necessary for energy savings. But this requires high capital spending. Soft BEMS solves this kind of contradiction. Only with electricity consumption information of the entire building,
Soft BEMS calculates consumption by end-use and suggest baseline consumption
with reflection of weather information.

Soft BEMS strives to develop technology for building energy savings. We will make every effort to develop a platform available for utilities, consumers,
regulatory authorities, and ESCO companies, while developing overseas markets of
building energy information analytics to be the most influential international
building energy analysis provider.
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CEO Profile

  • CEO of Soft BEMS Inc.
  • CEO of Escopro Co.,Ltd.
  • Member of evaluation committee of energy technology development project of MOTIE.
  • Member of project evaluation committee of MOTIE and KOTEF
  • Ex-Researcher of building energy at Iowa State University
  • Ex-Head of ESCO Team at POSCO
  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University, USA

Soft BEMS Inc.

Sangsoo Lee