Soft BEMS contributes to improvement of energy efficiency using analytic technology of energy information.

Business domain

Using energy information, we provide services of demand response, improvement of energy efficiency, and efficiency improvement of energy production.

Service structure

Service of Soft BEMS offers as a SaaS (Software as a Service)
which is web-based service based upon its proprietary big data collection, analysis, processing, and storage platform .

Technical background

We at Soft BEMS have converged technology of energy big data analysis, experiences of on-site energy audits and consulting over 15 years,
academic background of energy efficiency, top class BEMS development and operation experiences, deep understanding of energy equipment
and implementation, undertaking of public policy projects, and ICT technologies.

The future of Soft BEMS is to be

a key global company contributing to energy efficiency improvement.

Accumulation of technical background
for the birth of Soft BEMS

Beginning of Soft BEMS
web service

World No.1 analytic company of energy information having
global service network.