Soft BEMS에서 2015.03.15 까지 취급했던 개인정보 취급 방침입니다.

■ Privacy Policies
Soft BEMS (hereinafter, "Company")
Your personal information is important to us, and we comply with the law on "Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection".

Through Company
The Board will be announced through the web site (or individual notification) if the company has revised its Privacy Policy.

This policy will be effective from May 20, 2014:

■ List of personal infomration
Company collects the following personal information for membership, consultation, and services company..
ο Collection items: name, login ID, password, building name, building address, the owner
ο Method of collecting personal information: Information in homepage(membership, consulting application)

■ Collection of personal information and the objective of use
Company use personal information for the following purpose
ο Implementation of the service contract and billing and content provision
ο Memebrship management
 Complaints handling, delivery of notices, including building identification, prevention of unahorized service use, validation of subscription, complaint handling
ο Used in marketing and advertising
 Delivery of advertising including events

■ Retention of personal information and the use of period
For user
After achieving the purpose of collecting and using personal information for other services such as consulting, such information d is discarded immediately .

■ Destruction process of personal information and method
In principle, Company destroys personal information immediately after achieving the purpose of such information collected and used. The followings areprocedures and methods of destruction.
ο Procedure of destruction
The information you registered for your membersip is moved to separate DB(filing cabinet in case of paper) and destroyed after a period of time of saving in accordance with the data protection grounds by the internal policies and other relevant laws and regulations (see possession and use period)
The personal information moved to separate DB and saved are not used for any purpose other than that held by the legal standing
ο Method of destruction
  - Personal information saved in electronic file format is destructed using technological methods which can not be recovered permanantly

■ Provision of personal information
As a rule, Company does not provide your personal information outside the company, except the following cases,
  - In case users agree in adavnce
  - In pursuant to the provisions of the Act, or in accordance with the method and procedures prescribed for investigative purpose, if the law enforcement agency requests

■ Consignment of personal information collected
Company does not consign your information without your consent. If such action is required in the future, company will notice the person entrusted with the consignment business information and will receive custoer

■ Rights of users and the legal representatives, and method of excercise
Users and legal representatives have rights to inquire about their personal information and modify it any time, and request for withdrawal.
In order to inquire/correct user
Or you may contact privacy manager by writing, phone or email. Then company will take necessary actions immediately.
If you ask to correct any mistakes in your personal information, company will not use and provide them to others. In case such wrong information has already been provided to 3rd parties, company will also notify a third party, without delay,so that the correction is made.
Company treats such personal information revocated or deleted by request of user or legal representative as specified in the retention and use of personal information collected by company and does not view or use for other purpose.

■ Installation, operation, and rejection of automatic collection device of personal information
Company use cookie to often store and retrieve your information. Cookie is very small text file which are sent by company server to your browser, which is stored in your hard disks. Company uses cookies for the following purposes.

▶ Purpose of cookies
- For user convenience, storing ID, whether notices are read, analysis of loggin information of non members and members, identifying users taste and interest, tracing, identifying various use of services and frequency of visits, target marketing and provision of custom-made service
You have the option to install your cookies. Therefore, you can allow all cookies, or asks your confirmation evertime the cookies are stored, or reject all cookies by setting an option in your web browser

▶ How to reject cookie setting
You can accept all cookies, asks for your confirmation every time cookies are stored, or reject all cookies by selecting the option in your web browser.
Seeting method for Internet Explorer: Tool on top of web browser > Internet option > Personal infomration
However, if you decline installation of cookies, Provision of services may have some difficulties.

■ Complaint service for personal information
Company has designated a Privacy Officer and department below to protect your personal information and handle complaints regarding personal information.

Customer Service : Soft BEMS Customer center
Phone number : (+82)2-2043-6600
Email :

Manager of privacy management : Yong-Koo Park
Phone number : (+82)10-8988-4733
Email :

During your use of our service, you can report any privacy complaints to our information manager. Soft BEMS will respond quickly
Please contact the following orgnaization for further consultation on privacy infringement.

1.Private Dispute Resolution Committee (
2.Privacy Mark certification committee (
3.Supreme Prosecutors (
4.Police Cyber ​​Terror Response Center (

■ Collection and Use of Personal Information
Soft BEMS collects minimal personal infoormation to provide its web service and customer service,
We collect only the information that is disclosed to perform the work inside the company.
1. Collection items
   1) iSmart of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
	  We collect customer number, customer name, contract type, contract power, base rate, address information.
   2) Company information
	  We collect business name, business registration number, use of building, address, gross floor area, air-conditioned area, heating and cooling  energy source, Manger ID, name, department, phone number, and e-mail.
   3) Personal information
	  We collect name, phone number, and email
   4) Automatically collected information when using service
	  Some information can be automatically collected such as IP address, cookie, dat eof visit,device of access, service use history.

If you do not provide your infpormation, the service is limited
We do not collect sensitive personal information (race, ideology and creed, political affiliation, criminal records, medical information, etc.), which may cause  risk of infringement of fundamental human rights of the users

2. Method of collection
   If you agree to Soft BEMS service agreement, both information you input and the one of iSMART are automatically collected.

3. Collection of personal information and the purpose of its use
	Soft BEMS will use user
   1) It is used for the identification of the user.
   2) It is used for service inquiry and notice delivery
   3) It is used for billing when the contract service is delivered, and prurchase and use of paid service are made.
   4) It is used when there are new service offerings or new events
   5) It is used for customied service and service improvement based onrecording of user

4. Period for possession and utilization of personal information
  Soft BEMS uses user
  If users ask withdrawal of membership or withdraw his or her consent to collection and use of personal information,
  When purpose of collection and use of personal information is achieved, or the service is expired, such user information is deleted without delay.

In accordance with rules of relevant laws, user information will be kept for the certain period of time.

1. Law of retention of personal information related to service use:  Act of Protection of Communications Secrets: Retention period: 3 months
2. Law of archiving of expression/advertisement: Act of Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce:  Retention period: 6 months
3. Law of archiving for contract or cancellation of contract: Act of Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce : Retention period: 5 years
4. Law related to archiving of records of payment and goods:
5. Law related to archiving records of consumer complaints and disputes treatment:
6. Law related to archiving personal location information: use of legal protection of location infomration and its use:  retention period: 1 year
7. Law related to archiving electronic financial transaction:  Electronic Financial Transactions Act: Retention Period: 5 years

■ Accept use of login information
  Soft BEMS  predicts potential savings and future consumption by analyzing electric consumption data and contract information provided by Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO)
Thus you should agree that we can use your contract and consumption information provided by KEPCO to get such expected consumption and other information of Soft BEMS.
The information collected under such agreement will be used only for this purpose. If you do not consent, you can not use Soft BEMS sservice
You have right to cancel this agreement any time.

When you test the service as non-member, your informaiton will be at disposal on logout